Social media and relationship angst

Social media and relationship angst

I tweet therefore I am, with all due apologies to our man Descartes. How do you gauge your relevance these days, if not through comments on your tweets or status updates? I'm not surprised in the least that studies have found that constant activity on
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How to build consumer trust through social media

One clue may be found in the sharp rise in trust respondents place in social media. In an age when authority is increasingly dispersed, it's not surprising to learn that peer groups have assumed a greater role as a credible source of information for
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iMedia Connection

Social media changing the face of criminal justice

Cases like Calahan's are becoming increasingly common as people communicate more and more via social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, leaving behind a record that can end up in the hands of police, prosecutors and defense attorneys.
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The Virginian-Pilot

5 Simple Metrics to Track Your Social Media Efforts | Social Media …

Social media metrics: Find out what you need to track to determine the success of your social media marketing.…

The New Black in Social Media? | Social Media Club

A growing tendency right now, that I've seen several times is to reduce your personal networks and pull it down to around 100-200 people, a clear social trend…/new-black-social-media

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